When it comes to Data transfer fibre optics is vast becoming the only way to achieve the required level of transfer rate. With communal TV Systems becoming more and more popular in Multi Dwelling Properties. The use of coaxial is often the first consideration for cabling requirements, here at East Electrical however we use a more modern and efficient approach by implementing the use of fibre optics. A common shortfall with coaxial systems is that signal can suffer from a drop in efficiency.  Quite simply as you increase the cable in length the signal that travels down the coaxial becomes weaker. In turn systems do not perform 100% or sometimes don’t work at all… making the network you have designed out dated before you have even started, and no one wants to pay for a system that can’t keep up with its intended use, be it data transfer for Internet or signalling for IRS. We can offer a fibre IRS system meaning there is effectively no limitation on the distance between the receiving signal points and the outlet location, and no interruption of subscribed services.

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