Mains Distribution

The backbone of any electrical project

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Mains Distribution

The backbone of any electrical project is where the supply originates from and how you get it around the building…we can provide yourselves with professional CAD design drawings, schematics and distribution layouts. Our team can interpret and value engineer drawings/design issued by consultant if necessary to achieve the most cost effective way of delivering power across the building project. We work in partnership with some of the leading manufacturers which lets us be ahead in any new designs that may assist in the metering or monitoring of energy usage.

Here at East Electrical services we also take in to account the containment requirements prior to installation. We carefully calculate and check all the sizing and load specifications of the galvanised tray, trunking & basket. In addition we use the most up to date and current manufactured products on the market place so that both procurement and install time is kept to a minimum. Contact us to see some of our preferred manufacturers for further details.

Please contact a member of our team for any enquiries you may have.

Mains Distribution

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